Saturday, October 31, 2009

I found a scab in my ear canal. Whats the deal?

I was itching in my ear, and I felt something poke me. Curious, I dug arround some more and pulled out what looks like a crystal like scab. This has happened before, but I didnt say anything to anybody. It's about the size of the tip of a headphone plug, and is hard, but can be crushed with a finger nail.

Heres a pic
i have the same problem. it could be that a while ago u scratched the inside of your ear and its bleeding. if u pick the scab after it grows back again, there is a chance that it will grow back even bigger and block ur whole ear canal. and u dont want that. but i think you should see an ENT or an ear specialist, and have them clean out the ear. Granted im only 12, but trust me, u dont want any worse problems. just trust me. and i have had 5 sugeries on my ear so i kinda know about this stuff. but yeah, go see a docter. for me when i had an even bigger one, they removed it, and then put some type of meds in there and a cotton ball to stop the bleeding, and it worked! OMG! dont use a q-tip! it only pushes all the junk farther back and can cause an infection. see a doctor.
deff. don't wanna be grossed out by pics. so not clicking. But theres a good chance, that from digging around in your ears, you could have scratched yourself. Use q-tips, and don't probe your fingers in there anymore.
If you are not an adult--I think you should tell your parents and keep the object you got out of your ear to show them. If you are an adult--I would see a doctor. Expecially since this is not the first time it has happened. Take it with you when you do go to the doctor. Might be some sort of drainage from the ear. Never hear of such happening, but everyone is different. Better to be safe than sorry. Good Luck.

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