Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have a health question in regards to my stomach?

I ate a bunch, 9 i think, cherry tomatoes yesterday. My stomach felt queesy and kept me up all night so I decided to vomit and a whole cherry tomatoe popped out. Will the tomatoes eventually digest, or do i have to vomit them all out? Are there any serious complications that might arise from these tomatoes just sitting in my stomach?
To have whole tomatoes pop out in vomit means you didn't chew them down correctly.

They will pass into you intestine after a few hours of sitting and churning. But you have choosen to eat something the stomach has trouble digesting over the usual 2 or 3 hour period that it sits in your stomach.

The only complication will be severe heartburn and indegestion as tomatoes contain an acid and cause reflux of stomach acid.
98% of all illness begins in the stomach
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I laughed so much reading your question =D. I hope you're not offended though. And 9 cherry tomatoes isn't much. Or is it... And when you say "decided to vomit" you mean sticking your fingers down your throat? Or take laxatives? Not good. And yes, they will eventually digest, but they will take a long time seeing as you decided to swallow them whole. But it'll be fine, trust me =D.

I have a hard lump in my neck about a half inch away from a mole, what could this be?

It is on the left side of my neck, halfway between my shoulder and ear, and about a half an inch behind the ear. It feels like it is the size of a marble, and I can move it around a little. It hurts a little to touch, and my jaw hurt when I open it.

I haven't had a cold in about a year - so it couldn't be from being sick.

I normally wouldn't be *too* concerned with it, but like I said, it is a half inch away from a mole.

When I was younger I had a mole removed because they thought it was cancerous. This mole hasn't changed colors yet - but I worry a lot.

I don't have insurance so I want to research this as much as I can before I resort to going to my doctor.

Any help would be great!
Sounds like a swollen gland (lymph node). They exist in clumps, and there is a chain right in the area you describe. They can swell when you have been exposed to an illness, and your body is fighting it off, even if you haven't become symptomatic or "come down" with the illness itself. Still, if you are concerned, or if the lump is hard or doesn't move at all, or is really painful or grows quickly, it is best to have it checked out.

Good luck,
maybe you have some kind of infection and its just an inflamed lymph node. that happened to me all i took was antibiotics... and it went away. go to a doctor.
It could just be a swollen gland that some antibiotics would clear but it also could be more serious. You should go to the doctor, dont put this off.
well it could be anything. maybe you didn't drink enough water. or maybe other thing.. i strongly recommand you to go see a doctor for your own safety. good luck.
It doesn't matter what *I* think it is. You're worried, and that's all the reason you need to go to the doctor. If you can't afford to go, then go to the ER; it's not the ideal solution, but it will do the job.
Most lumps are not cancerous but are scary, but all lumps should be examined by a competent physician. The mole is unchanged so it may be unrelated. No insurance does makes it difficult. Tell the doctor you haven't insurance and ask if they have a "self-pay" rate (uninsured patients will be charged a little less). Be prepared to pay for the visit at the time of the visit, however.

If recommended by the doctor, MRIs or CATs to examine the lump is another matter. When with the doctor ask if he can direct you to an organization that will help underwrite the tests if necessary. Don't delay, it may be something simple, you'll save yourself worry and be reassured. Good Luck.

I have a friend who is 10 and wants to know tips to grow taller this summer because she doesn't like milk!!

The only tips she knows is sleep and milk.
PS Whoever gives me the most and useful tips gets best answer!
broccoli and celery have tons of calcium. but height isn't determinedby calcium intake, its determined by genetics. In that case maybe she could try experimental gene therapy? But milk, the unorganic kind does really make you grow (sideways) due to the high amount of hormones they use to juice up those cows. it's good that she doesn't like milk. Its bad for your bones, your liver, you heart... its been shown to cause arthritis, etc etc. tell her that she has a very healthy intuition.

I have a friend who has an eating disorder?

Well I have a friend and she has an eating disorder..I'm not sure what exactly, but she says she's had it for a long time and I'm wondering if there's anywhere online or something that might help her
Eating disorders are dangerours %26 could kill her if she doesn't get help %26 over come it. I would see if she can get into conunseling. This isn't healthy for her. I wish you the best. Good luck.
wanted mental control
it's all emotional.

I have a five month old who weighed 13 lbs at her last visit, she is sick and can' t nurse?

I want to give her a decongestant because nothing else will work, I don't know how much to give her. Please help! She's miserable poor baby. She doesn't have any medical issues or illnesses if that helps. I was going to give Robitussin, but there is no dosage for children under 2 years old.
Here are things you can use:
Vicks Plug Ins
Saline Nose drops (Little Noses)
Breastmilk in her nose
Going into the bathroom and running the shower. The steam will help unplug her.
Buy a nose sucky thing and suck the junk out of her nose.
Run a vaporizer in the room she is in (close the door if possiable)
Boil water, turn off and put a few drops of essential oil in it.
Good luck and I hope she feels better.
When my daughter was an infant and got congested this is what I did. We would go in the bathroom, and I would run the shower very hot, and let it get steamy in the bathroom. It would help break it up, and I got that from a Dr. Spock book. OTC medicines usually won't give you any recommended doses for babies, but you can ask a pharmacist what he would recommend. Call a pharmacy that is open, and ask him how much you should give. My ex had a friend who was a pharmacist, and he was a big help.
I don't think that doctor's recommend giving a baby that young any type of medicine. You should call a pharmacy or call your baby's doctor before you do anything!

I have a few questions about soda?

My first question is can soda hurt your voice? I like to sing and I also drink a lot of soda, so I was wondering does it hurt your singing/ voice?

My second question is how can I cut down and stop drinking soda so much? I am like addicted to the stuff and I know it is bad 4 my health, so I wanted to cut down.

Also, is there a non-alcoholic drink that tastes like soda but is not bad for your health? I don't think there is but I just wanted to see if there was one that is actually good 4 your health.

Thanks so much! =)
Hi Sunshine,

1. depends what kinda soda-Coke will do strange things to your innards ( open a can of Coke %26 pour it on some rust on a car %26 see what happens. And drinking warm H2O (water) with fresh lemons is refreshing, warm with honey %26 lemon slices is good for a sore throat .

2. %26 3. Try drinking H2O with either lemon or lime slices in a 8oz. glass,Glace'au Vitamin water, Powerade, Gatorade, Tang, warm tea with honey, spitz water you can add lemon.lime,orange slices, spring water (all kinda brands there), flavored water, fruit juice, milk.

I used to drink 4 bottles of Coke a day not to mention a pot of black coffee-caffiene addiction then I switched to vitamin water-my favorite is XXX acai-blueberry-pomegrate (triple antioxdants) %26 H2O.
Good luck %26 have a good day. :0)
Warm water is actually best for you if you are a singer.
Try lemondade with honey for a change.

Ace =)
Soda Pop is toxic on your whole body. The way you can quit drinking it is to find an alternative beverage that makes you feel good and cleanses the toxins out of your body. Cleansing your body will remove the soda chemicals so you won't have the cravings anymore.
Calli is an herbal tea that will provide you natural energy without caffein or harmful chemicals and it cleanses out heavy metals and old toxic buildup. I have a personal testimonial from drinking Calli. I will provide it on request..

Calli is a very powerful deep tissue cleanser. It feeds the general yang, or cleansing, function of the body. Its ingredients were used by priests in ancient China for their ability to produce mental clarity. It has been known to dissolve arthritic deposits, help break down plaque in hardened arteries, leach out heavy metals, break up cysts, help neutralize free radicals, and help remove parasites. It also has antifungal properties. It improves liver function, aids fat metabolism, increases energy, strengthens digestion, and improves nervous system function. Its main ingredient, Camellia sinensis, contains polyphenols, which research shows to function as antioxidants to help reduce the risks of some cancers. Other research suggests that polyphenols can help reduce harmful cholesterols.

People with large amounts of stored drug or toxic deposits, or the severely ill should begin using Calli in very dilute amounts. It can cause strong cleansing reactions in some people.

I can assist you further.. Take care, Chad

I have a fear to use public toilets.?

I have a fear to use public toilets i avoid to use public toilets the only time I use public toilets is when there is absolutely no one in the toilets at all I cant seem to find any information on this. Could someone please help me?
The fear of using public toilets is part of "toilet phobia" with include the fear of not being near a toilet when outdoors.

Just do a Yahoo search and type "fear of using public toilet" and you will get tons of websites that will help you deal with your problem. You're not alone, millions of people suffer from this. Just get help, it's out there.
i don't get you
I can only pee in public toilets. I refuse to crap in a public toilet. It's a weird sort of deal but there are sick people out there man
Hey they ARE very unsanitary so I feel ya...
Your disorder is called "jonaphobia" and it's terminal. Sorry.
Why do you need information on it? Just freakin lock the stall door, and go! I hate using public restrooms too, but if you gotta go you gotta go!
i have the same problem it discuses me to go in a public bathroom.
There are quite a few men who have a "shy bladder". They cannot urinate, especially at a urinal, when there are other people using the urinals as well.
i think thats good, i always prefer to use a bush instead, no chance of getting diseases from old freaks out there.
You have a phobia.
Maybe is it a form of social anxiety.
you dont have to sit on the seat just go if you need to go, thats what i do, and always wash your hands and you dont have to be scared. good luck.
I dispise public toilets!! Even those little paper thing they have to put on it arent good if the person before you was a disgusting freak. I gon't know what you should do, maybe just go before you leave the house?
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